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I have aspergers syndrome and i am a poet and reviewer and blogger

Why I hate north korea (not racist)


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Nelson Mandela

I know I did a quote but I will do this also just to show respect to Nelson Mandela who died last night. So I will type some words:

Nelson Mandela you never directly affected me but from the books I have read I now know you where an inspiration to millions and a hero, like in the comic books I read but even more heroic (and real). You will be missed.

RIP Nelson Mandela



The truth

I am not Callum Herbert he is a lie and a fake! Callum Herbert was born with my inspiration to be a poet he is the poet my name is SECRET.

Now a quiz: the title for my new anthology will be here until 10:30 and then WHAM it will vanish like magic (or clever coding!)


Free EXLUSIVE mini poem

Try to work out this teaser ladies and gentlemen for a free mini poem!

1|\| 7|-|3 d4R|<|\|355 7|-|3 L19|-|7 15 U|\|345’/ R34D’/ 70 4774(|< 175 \/1(71/\/\5 175 345’/ 7|-|15 15 4 5|-|4D0\/\/ 4|\|D L1Ph3 4|\|D d’/1|\|9 7|-|15 15 7|-|3 3|\|D 4|\|D 500|\| j00Z \/\/1LL b3 PhL’/1|\|9

its well ominous and scary NOT ON BOOKSIE ONLY HERE EXLUSiVE!